Okay, yeah, we know, the Giants have to promote the hell out of this sucker as there's not much else to brag about on King Street these days and 2007 is looking even bleaker. But still, blogga please. We're San Francisco. We're a cultured city, one of the Bestest Cities in the World (or so we tell ourselves). We should not act like we're Pittsburgh or Houston or Milwaukee or any city in which anything halfway exciting is worthy of Big Deal status.

Okay, so Groovy Gavin talked about how great it'll be for the city in terms of business and tourism and all that and yeah, that's all good and he's right about that, but really, what's in it for us? The week long Fanfest looks pretty cool and the Home Run Derby could be a hoot considering the Cove, but as we don't have season tickets, we won't be going to the game. Same with most Giants fans. There'll also supposedly be all these killer parties that will be going on around the time of All-Star game, but as we're nobodies, the closest we'll get to going to them is reading about them in Rita's recap of the Swells Column. Oh, and a for the All-Star Game itself, despite it's tag line of "This Time It Counts," all we can say is yawn. The game hasn't been exciting or Must-See in years (if anybody asks, we think they should play the starters for the whole game and make it a real All-Star game, but nobody asks us).

And you know what? Frankly, after the World Cup, we're a little jaded about these so-called big sporting events. Unless some sporting event features tiny African nations, residual bad blood from wars of the previous century, and the possibility of somebody head butting somebody else, we just don't care.

Actually, if there was any chance A-Rod would head but Roger Clemens during the game, we just might reconsider.