If we ever host a World Series of San Francisco Pop Culture contest, we're totally asking the question "Who's Laurie Beijen?" Ms. Beijen is, of course, the well-connected bride who made Gavin Newsom move last year's Cow Hollow ski jump event because she had a wedding planned at Flood Mansion the day it was originally set (August 27, 2005).

And we can't think of a nicer anniversary present to get Laurie Beijen than the news that Icer Air is coming back on November 4, 2006, and this time to AT&T Park. Hope she didn't move to South Beach!

So for this year, Icer's planning a 100-foot ramp from the top of the centerfield scoreboard to the pitcher's mound, and will be covered with 200 tons of snow. Moseley's coming back, and said that being able to hook up the scoreboard to the mound was a huge incentive to book the park, even though they're going to have to charge admission ($10-$48) to cover the rental costs.

Even Beijen's probably gotta admit this looks pretty cool -- click here for a 3-D model of the ramp. (Go to the video screen in the middle of the page and click the 2. Icer, this is not the best-designed web page.)