This morning while drinking our coffee and surfing the Web, we went to Deadspin and saw this little blurb about Giants' fans treatment of Phillies pitcher Brett Myers. Myers was cited for taking a few swings at his wife and in typical jock-land style, was treated by kid gloves by his employers and the rest of Major League Baseball. Yesterday was Myers first day back from his tiny, tiny suspension and we guess didn't get booed vociferously enough for some people. Thus the Deadspin post, snarking on us Giants fans. That's followed by the usual snide comments about hippies, overwrought political correctness, and too many lame-ass corporate fans.

All this is fine and well except for the fact Myers did get booed. Pretty loudly too. Not Tommy Lasorda booed, but booed. How do we know this? Because we were at the game. And because we kept on wondering why Myers was getting booed until we remembered that one of the Phillies pitchers did a bad thing and the pitcher who did the bad thing was on the mound for the Phils.

So why didn't we boo as loudly as we apparently were supposed to? Well, you know how people in the East Coast keep on telling us West Coasters that if it doesn't happen on the North Eastern sea board, it doesn't matter to them? Well, two can play at that game-- if it doesn't happen within the Bay Area, it doesn't matter to us. Myers is merely a mediocre pitcher on a mediocre team-- why should we notice? It's not like what happened to Myers was that played up in the media either-- we only knew about it because Deadspin wrote about it. As far as we know, it wasn't plastered all over ESPN and endlessly discussed on "PTI" or "Around the Horn" (dear God, Larry Brown just spoke to the NY Post again!!!!!) or talked about that much in the local news media either. As it happened to somebody who doesn't play for the Yankees or Sox, nobody cares as much. And considering we dropped two more at home, our bullpen blew yet another game, and WWIII just broke out, we got bigger things to worry about than bringing justice to some random pitcher. No, we don't boo like they do on the East Coast but, well, we don't have winters or an overabundance of snotty Ivy Leaguers either. There are reasons why most of the people in the Bay Area are made up of people who originally came from the East Coast.

Besides, what were we supposed to do, greet Myers with pitchforks and torches? And isn't making fun of the fans at Phone Company Park our jobs?

PS-- if you haven't seen it, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is an evil gem of a TV show. It's brils.