That's where San Francisco company Design Public's sample sale, which is running the entire month of July, comes in. Just log in to their outlet store with the password , and you'll have access to their SOMA (300 Brannan, at Second) warehouse, which is filled with “like-new" returns and floor samples at a deep deep discount.

Since this is a sample sale, there's a little bit of a hassle involved: all sales are final, and you'll have to pick up your stuff at their warehouse (preferably on a Friday afternoon). But we're not above kissing up to our truck-owning pals if it means we're getting classic modern pieces at 30% or more off, especially when we're talking about buying from a locally-based, 6-person company. Cheap, independent, sharp-lookin', and local: it's the San Francisco dream!

Image of the Medium Legna Pendant Lamp (scroll down), down from $250 to $175. No, it's still not Target priced, but it's so pretty! Anyway, there are only 3 left, so act fast.