But when we got a release on This Year's Midnight Mass Film Series (which runs at midnights every Friday and Saturday from tonight until mid-August, see the complete schedule here), we knew we had to sack up and take one for the SFist team. But we were shocked and thrilled to discover that Ms. Christ was the most professional and sparkling interview we'd ever done -- no cold Madonna, she was instead a warm Dolly Parton of an interviewee. Do you know how high that gets us, when someone we've always admired is actually nice? Pretty damn high.

Something else that's always gotten us high is PC's aforementioned series of Midnight Masses, which kicks off tonight with an unbelievable lineup of (on Friday) or Carrie (on Saturday), with the great Elvira, Mistress of the Dark in person both nights. Buy tickets now, because we promise they'll be sold out when your slack ass shows up at 11:59.

We hear that you recently took Midnight Mass on the road, to Seattle, NY, Brussels, even Berkeley? Were those crowds receptive to the Peaches Christ message? How did it go?

Audiences respond just a little bit differently everywhere we go, but I’d say that my message of Christ was universally well received. Of course I was super nervous about how people would respond, especially New Yorkers, but they were great. It took them a little bit longer to loosen up but by the time I sent lap-dancers into the audience they were having a blast.

Seattle was so much fun last spring that we went back in the fall. They’re definitely the most like San Franciscans, enthusiastic and smart. I think I’m going back again later this year, hopefully with Tura Satana.

The Brussels Mass happened because an arts organization there brought me over for a screening of my short film retrospective. That was my European debut and it was amazing. They treated me like a real star. But at the end of the day, the best audiences in the world are right here. There’s nothing like doing a show at the Bridge Theatre for San Franciscans and anytime I leave to do a show elsewhere I’m reminded of this. That sounds sort of ass-kissy, but really, it’s true.

Night of the Living Dead