Unlike the Toronto Raptors, the Warriors have kept their plans for draft day close to the vest, which means they either have something up their sleeves or they still haven't figured out what to do yet.

Earlier SFist was nice enough to provide Chris Mullin with a draft day primer, should he decide to stand pat with picks 9 and 38. Given the possibility that he may not be satisfied with his second consecutive nine-spot, we've outlined the following three possible draft-day trade scenarios.

Picture of Warriors' brain trust (Rowell, Mullin, Cohan) from Tim Roye's Journal.

Trade up. Yeah, but for who? Rumors abound, but none of them sound like moves that will actually help the team. The 2006 draft has some decent players, but no real franchise poppers. Mullin should only trade up in the draft if he needs to do so to get Patrick O'Bryant or Ronnie Brewer, otherwise he's just collecting more pieces that the Warriors already have or don't need.

Trade down. If the Warriors trade down from the nine spot they will probably lose any shot at O'Bryant, but they could still wriggle out of the day with Brewer and/or Rutgers sharpshooter Quincy Douby. This would fill two major holes in the Warriors roster, plus it's just fun to say Douby (pronounced in the Bay Area as "doo-bie").

Trade away. Ninth isn't the greatest position in this year's draft, but it doesn't suck either. We're all for thinking outside the paint and trading this pick away, but only for a stone-cold guaranteed ROI lock. Mullin should absolutely NOT trade this pick away for somebody else's failed project. The only deal Mullin should be looking to snag by using the nine pick as bait is one that brings in a proven, bonafide big man. Package up the pick and one of our huge contractual albatrosses (Dunleavy or Murphy -- nobody will take Foyle) and wrest Kevin Garnett away from the TimberFools.

So to recap for Mullin: make a plan and pick according to that plan. Don't be distracted by other teams waving shiny objects in front your face and don't think you can turn water into wine. Be smart and come out of this with a stronger, more complete, and more focused team. Doesn't sound too hard, right? (reg. req.)