We were going to blame our missed post on Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Summer Shower Albert, but you see how that went, so we have to level with you. We were in Orlando last week on business, holed up in another convention center, this time without a laptop. We were supposed to be sharing one with someone from work, but if you've ever had to do that, or if you've ever had siblings, you know how well the sharing thing goes with something as valuable as that. ˙In any event, this absence meant that when we went to visit all our lovely SF blogs, well. . . there were quite a few. So, in the spirit of misanthropy towards all of blogdom and its never-ending torrent of text, our first link this week will be to le blog exuberance. Then, after we've ended poverty, we'll need somewhere to go to unwind. May we suggest the Santa Cruz mountains? And then, rested and refreshed, we're back into blogging.