The production values are great, but the pacing was a real challenge. There were some (intentional, we hope) funny moments, but not enough to get us through the slow bits. There's nothing wrong with making a solid slasher movie, but you've got to commit to it. lacked that commitment.

70049062.jpgRoom 6 is one of those movies you see on the Sci-Fi channel some Saturday afternoon, and the next thing you know you've watched the whole damn thing. Borrowing liberally from Jacob's Ladder and "The Twilight Zone", Room 6 features Christine "Mrs. Stiller" Taylor and Jerry "Mr. Romijn to be" O'Connell as car accident victims searching for loved ones who have been spirited off to an eeevvvil hospital. It didn't make much sense, but it was totally fun, had some creepy elements, and just enough exploitation. This screening was its first and last on the big screen, as it releases on DVD today. Check it out!

Blood Deep