We said "twin" but the Labeque sisters are not twins, they are two years apart. They just play up the confusion with paired outfits and make-up styles, with Katia's bustier in black and Marielle's in white. Or the opposite, as we said, the overall blurriness is part of the show. Just to confirm we are the only ones worried about the sisters looking like Cher, or photographic negatives of each others, we googled these keywords. Nope, no one else feels this way. You'll read this keen insight only here.

We forgot about their appearance as soon as they started to play. The Mozart concerto for two piano in E flat displayed a symbiotic relationship between the two sisters, interweaving and exchanging their parts seamlessly and effortlessly. We found the playing just a tad dry for Mozart, which demands a joyfull looseness, but it was more than compensated by the perfect synchronicity at all velocity.

Picture of Katia and Marielle courtesy of their web site,, and the other picture is Cher. What do you think -- separated at birth?