Okay, folks, first let us apologize for not reviewing the delightful "chef reunion show" a few weeks back. Part of us wanted to, but we opted out because, honestly, who the hell wants to review a "clip show"? And who the hell wants to read a review of one? Besides, we were to damned hung over, since we'd stupidly tried to play the Top Chef Reunion Show Drinking Game.

This past Wednesday we were treated to part one of the two-part finale, which takes place in Las Vegas. While much of our interest in the show had to do with its local, er, location, we're far too invested to back out just because the final is on a bigger, gaudier stage.

Schleprock--er, that is, Dave--is the first to arrive. He's shown to the suite the three finalists will be sharing, and he's obviously thrilled as he eats a truffle. Next we see Harold walking in. Hey, Harold--no need to dress up or anything, being that you're about to be on national TV, not to mention in a swank hotel. The wrinkled v-neck undershirt is totally appropriate. The two guys check out the suite, kick back a bit. Dave seems almost gleeful that TIff hasn't shown up yet--and suddenly, there she is. She makes overtures to the camera about how seeing herself on TV has been some sort of mirror, where she understands a little more of why she was coming off as such a bitch. She's going to make an effort to be nicer. Dave still holds a grudge.

In the four months they've been off-air, Dave's been rendered jobless--the restaurant he worked at has been sold. Harold has been trying to get his own place open. Tiffani, according to Chef Tom's blog, was working as a server, presumably in an effort to get a feel for the front of the house.

The next day, the contestants meet up with the judges and host in the kitchen. Hey, Chef Hubert Keller is back! He was the guest judge in episode one, and is known in our city for being the chef at Fluer de Lys. Ah, at least there's a little San Francisco amidst all this Las Veg-ary. Chef Keller's inclusion was one but one of the clever nods to the show's premiere episode. The other was revealed in the Quickfire challenge.

Rather than serve as an appetizer to a main challenge, this time the Quickfire would serve as an challenge. The contestants stiffen with that news, announced by hostess Katie Lee Joel (who is almost Trump-like in how she is constantly stating the obvious). The contestants have 10 minutes to familiarize themselves with an immense, stocked kitchen, after which they will start getting challenges in the form of room service orders.