Honest to goodness, we weren't even planning on going to the Wired Rave Awards, much less wandering in uninvited (we've been, it's not all that). We just dropped by to hand off some equipment we'd borrowed to cover the "Mary Carey for Governor" campaign-cum-promotional junket at the Virgin Megastore for another New York-based blog publishing empire (no, not Weblogs, Inc. -- they're based out of Reston, Virginia now). Maybe it was the Thriftown suit and tech-schwag tee combo, but nobody at the St. Regis or manning the check-in tables paid us any mind as we wandered up to the fourth floor. We absentmindedly stepped out onto the patio and, Hey! How are you doing? Haven't seen you in a while! They got free food and booze, eh? Well, maybe we'll stick around and chat for a bit.

After the jump, lots of lovable, huggable, hipster nerds!

Photo of Shawn Fanning and Bram Cohen by Anil Dash.