The benefit of having Mr. Brown is that he is well acknowledged as some sort of basketball genius, well praised as having invented the game, the first person to ever do a slam dunk, and helped personally ease tensions between Kobe and Shaq. He is also justifiably famous for taking crap teams and turning them into playoff-bound teams. That would pretty much describe the Warriors. Finally, it also goes without saying that his hiring would immediately put the Warriors on the NBA map, something they haven't been in years. Hell, you can't watch one episode of PTI without at least one segment detailing the latest in whatever soap opera Larry is involved in.

And that brings us to his downside, the reason why he's not such a hot pick. Usually, the first thing Larry does when he gets hired as a coach is call his agent and see if there's another job out there. The second thing he does is call every member of the press and complain about the team he just agreed to coach and bash all the players (the forum on WarriorsWorld already has a thread going on which Warrior would Larry complain about first with Baron Davis getting most of the votes). Yes, Larry wins, but he brings with him the Larry Brown Circus, complete with constant rumors of his leaving, speculation about if he's going to leave, and "unknown sources" whispering about Brown's unhappiness. Brown, in a way, is the Terrell Owens of coaches, undeniably great, yes, but not really worth the headache.

Considering Brown is about to get a $40 million dollar check to the Knicks (on top of a huge check he got from the Pistons) if he is fired, we really have to wonder why he'd even coach again. Do you know how many lines of coke you can do off stripper's chests with $40 million dollars?