You guys remember that groundbreaking "The Use of Force" series that the Chronicle ran a few months ago? Do you guys remember the unfortunate incident involving the Chron running a picture of some random cab driver instead of the brutal cop it was supposed to portray? Well, the guy who's not rogue cop John Haggett has brought out some metaphoric beatdowns of his own and has filed suit against the Chronicle for negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Not-Haggett, who goes by the name Jack Neeley, says that he's worried someone will kill him as a result of his being mislabeled as bad cop Haggett, and has started carrying a copy of the correction with him at all times in case something happens. Nothing bad's happened to him yet -- but he's had some confrontations with people and has had to cut back on his cabdriving hours as a result.

The Chron says they want to settle; Neeley's lawyer says he wants to settle too but they haven't been able to reach an agreement. Neeley's lawyer is also seeking punitive damages, because the Chron has never explained to them how the mixup happened in the first place.

Picture of Heather Fong explaining the mixup from ABC 7.