Considering Barry's love of drama and his love of hitting most of his momentous home runs here at Whatever-the-hell-it's-Named-Park, it'll be a good bet that he’d hit both 715 and 716 this week. What'll make it especially better is that Dusty Baker's Cubs are here for three games and then it's a three game home stand against, yep--who better?-- the LA Dodgers. Beat LA!

In Giants-land, this is a big deal and there's already much anticipation about what the scene in McCovey's Cove will be like this week. If the weather is good this weekend and he's still at 714 or 715, this weekend will be pretty nutso, which is kind of what we're hoping for as we got bleacher tickets to Saturday's game.

In the rest of the country, however, it's a different story, as most people appear to be having that mixture of resignation and dread that people felt about the birthing of Spederline Baby #1. In Philly, Barry blasting #714 drew loud boos and chants of steroids, but only after much gawking and excitement. Bud is nowhere to be found this week, preferring Milwaukee to the Bay Area this absolutely beautiful spring-like week. The official stance is that this is merely the passing of #2 on the Home Run list and that it's really Henry Aaron's record that deserves something, a fairly logical point in some ways. But in some ways, not. Hammerin' Hank may have the record, but the Babe has the Myth. Babe Ruth is baseball and to surpass the Babe in career home runs is a pretty big deal. Bud's decision is booed by some, cheered by others.

Us, well our prediction is that no matter what happens, it won't happen on Saturday. We've missed 500, 70, and 600 by a day. We expect our streak to continue.