We are accustomed to the typical media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which generally emphasizes the violence and hatred. "Encounter Point," co-directed by Ronit Avni and Julie Bacha, also a co-director of "Control Room," introduced us to some of the everyday heroism that takes place behind the scenes. The documentary focuses on eight individuals and their families, and follows them in their daily activities, highlighting their responses to the losses they’ve encountered in their lives – Ali, Robi, Shlomo, Sami, Tzvika, George, Rutie, and Aziz. All eight have chosen paths that pursue nonviolence as a means of bridging the gap.

We were moved by the daily difficulties that the individuals endured in spreading their messages of nonviolence – from checkpoints to resistance from families and friends. Ali surprised the festival audience at the film with his first-ever trip to the United States to participate in the post-film Q&A. Director Avni and Ali received a standing ovation prior to the Q&A.

"Encounter Point" plays at the Kabuki today at 3:15 p.m. Its directors are still pursuing theatrical distribution, having been advised that nonviolent films simply don’t sell.

SFist Wendy, contributing.