Wow, this is pretty awful. Yesterday around 6:30 p.m., a guy running the red down the Castro hill across Market drifted into the northbound lane and slammed into a BMW turning right into that parking lot behind the Castro theater. The BMW then skidded into the cars and motorcycles parked on Market and caught on fire. The motorcycles that tipped over began leaking gasoline, which began flowing down the hill and caught on fire itself. That set off more car fires, which caused several cars to explode. All in all, eight cars and two bikes were destroyed, the BMW driver is dead, and the red-light runner is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. It's good more people weren't hurt.

The press has been justly lauding the heroism of witnesses on the scene, including the two cafe workers who raced out into the fire and pulled the red-light runner out of his car, the man who pulled the BMW driver out, another man who saved a woman's chihuahua, and the bystanders giving CPR to the BMW driver in the middle of the fire. The SFP and FD were on the scene putting out the fire and blocking off the streets.