The MacBook Pro has a new 17" model with a faster SuperDrive, an additional USB port, and the FireWire 800 port that's missing from the 15" version. So if you were holding off getting one of the new versions until they came out with a ludicrously large screen, or until that somewhat abrasive distant relative kicked off and left you $2800, then now's your chance! (If it's the latter, then our condolences).

One marginally interesting fact to note: the PowerPC versions of Apple's machines are being removed from the Apple Store as they're silently replaced, style, by their Intel Core Duo equivalents.

And some rumors: British gadget magazine/wank material T3 is forwarding the speculation that Apple will release 8GB and 10GB versions of the iPod nano, to make up for delays in releasing a new larger-screen, touch-sensitive video iPod. And it's old news at this point, but Apple Insider (link via Gizmodo) is speculating that the iBook will be succeeded by a just-plain MacBook line (unfortunately, not called the MacBook Amateur), and it'll come in pretty colors.

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