The three forms of water, in your daily news!

Solid: Authorities continue to be baffled about a huge piece of ice that fell from the sky over Oakland, landing in Bushrod Park by Shattuck. No one was hurt, and authorities have confirmed that it's not the dreaded "blue ice" that falls from the septic tanks of airplane lavatories. Apparently ice does just randomly fall from the sky every now and then. (Thanks to SFist Tiffany for passing this along!)

Liquid: That's not the kind of splashdown they like to see at McCovey Cove! The authorities dredged out a body from the little inlet behind AT&T Park yesterday afternoon. They think it's the body of a man who was fleeing the cops after being reported robbing offices at the UCSF Mission Bay campus. If you have any information, call UCSF officer Ed Huang at (415) 476-1414.

Gas: The third entry is always the hardest. Um.... K-FOG (get it?) rival station 106.9 Free FM just fired talk radio DJ John London after he issued a death threat on Penn Jillette. London says he was upset that Jillette called Mother Teresa slutty (we're paraphrasing) and a fraud, but that his $7000 fatwa was made sarcastically. Only $7000 to kill Penn Jillette?