As we were cadging a ride home from SFist Eve on Saturday night, we squealed with delight as we drove down Mission Street. Right by Yerba Buena Lane, there's a big sign: BEARD PAPA'S COMING SOON.

What? You don't know about Beard Papa? Beard Papa is the Japanese cream puff store with cream puffs as big as your head, and beloved by team Gothamist (and team LAist too.)

The last time we had a Beard Papa cream puff, we bit into it at the wrong angle and somehow ended up completely covered in powdered sugar. We can't wait to beg for a bathroom key from the Japanese puff staff and scrub ourselves clean in our very own home town!

Now if they'd just open a Rice to Riches in SF, there will be no need to ever visit New York ever again. (Why should San Franciscans be deprived of delectable rice pudding just because the original store was a money laundering front? We're very open-minded, at least when it comes to rice pudding!)

Picture off Flickr by Alaina B. Check out the Beard Papa photo pool too.