SFist Chris:On paper, in my opinion, the Junior Circuit is clearly the stronger league, so I'm looking for a team with a DH to win it all this year.

SFist Jon's pick, the Tribe, is a feelgood pick to win it all -- who wouldn't want the Indians to win -- but I've never really forgiven them for bailing on the Cactus League. Their strong finish last year was impressive, but what, uh, impressed me most was that during the last week of the season, after they had battled all the way back to catch up with the ChiSox, the Wahoos went 1-6 to finish six games out. C.C. Sabathia is a legitimate ace, and Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore are tough, but losing Kevin Millwood and Coco Crisp will hurt more than adding Paul Byrd and Jason Michaels will help. Cleveland looks good to dethrone Chicago in the Central, but doesn't quite have enough to go all the way this year.