Or something like that.

In the suit, Barry asked not that the book be banned, but that he get all the proceeds from it. Well, not him exactly, but a charity of his choice. That's just so nice of him. The interesting thing about all this is that it was quite obvious to everyone that at no point did the lawsuit try and attack any of the charges the book makes about Barry. It was quite clearly not a libel suit. Make of that what you will and we're sure you will.

Why Barry did the lawsuit is unclear as the suit was considered to be iffy at best. Especially as the suit doesn't actually do anything to defend his reputation. All we could think of is that it was done out of spite. You know, one big, giant "f you and the horse you rode on." Considering Barry's well-documented use of spite, jealousy, and anger to fuel him, it makes sense. Hell, in a way, his whole pursuit of baseball's hallowed records could be said to be done out of spite. The dude is one angry, motherf------.

Maybe it's just 'roid rage?

BTW, we've read some stories about the book and read what else there is in there. The one thing we noticed is the conclusion of the book that both Giambi brothers signed up with BALCO to help them win approval from their domineering, perfectionist father. How sad is that? .