The pervy teacher, Lee (played by Lee Yu-rim) is part clumsy lothario and part relentless sexual predator whose creepiness is only mitigated by his over-riding goofiness. In one scene he drunkenly looks at the object of his affections, student teacher Choi, after she urges him to eat more clams at dinner and meaningfully intones, "I feel like a different type of clam." Apparently it's not love that's the universal language, it's the women-taste-like-fish joke.

Our feelings about Lee moved from amusement to repulsion to annoyance and even sympathy. Gang Hye-jeong, who plays Choi, turns in a complex performance as the student teacher who appears at first to be innocent to the point of naïve. As the movie develops you realize her peculiar reserve is the type of shell developed by someone who has experienced too much when it comes to love, loss and the necessity for self-preservation.

One observation about school teachers in Korea: they seem to be able to sneak away from the classroom for a little nookie at nearby love motels a lot. We kept thinking, who's watching the students?

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SFist Mihi Ahn, contributing

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