What we saw instead was a wallet-busting tour of an area that's got a lot of great bargains. Although SFist totally applauds the inclusion of City Kayak's Bay Bridge tour, we were wishing we had seen some of our favorite haunts in print. Why not mention the Cartoon Art Museum? What about the Happy Doughnut on Townsend? (Their coconut muffins are to die for.) Or Primo Patio, which has one of the most delicious snapper sandwiches we've ever tasted? Or Vino e Cucina, which makes exquisite Italian food and offers amazing service? Or the Hotel Utah, which channels the Gold Rush spirit and offers you a burger, all for $5? None of these will break the bank.

And it's also worth noting that if you want to get dim sum on Sunday, you don't go to "Rincon Center." You go to Yank Sing, which happens to be the Rincon Center.

We're thrilled to see the neighborhood get notice in the paper of record. We just don't think you should have to spend half a paycheck to enjoy it as much as we do. Where are your favorite SoMa bargain spots?

Twilight photo of 3rd St. heading down to Embarcardero from shaneahearn's Flickr page.

SFist Lisa, contributing