Okay, we didn't watch Dancing With The Stars last night because we were watching ladies' figure skating, but we understand that the inevitable is about to come down on our boy Jerry Rice. Manic two-steppin' Drew Lachey scored two perfect 30s, and languid Barbie doll Stacey Keibler came in second with a 30 and a 26. Jerry came in third with a 26 and a 27.

So all three couples will go into the final dance-off on Sunday, and, well, let's face it, Jerry's just not as good as Drew and Stacey. (We're pulling for Drew to win, because that guy should get after having to put up with former sister-in-law Jessica's incessant jawboning on camera all those years.) But darn it, we like Jerry's spunky spirit! He's worked so hard, and he has such a good attitude. It's sort of nice to see someone who doesn't have as much native dance ability as everyone else on the stage out there, doing it, and having fun. He's the character that you the viewer are supposed to identify with (unless, of course, you're some kind of super Metronome Ballroom teacher or something, in which case you're probably like, this show sucks.).

So go number 80! We've got your back! Though we should also say we kind of miss Master P, who was the exact opposite of Jerry Rice in this competition (terrible dancer, totally phoning it in), just to see his dismayed look every week he managed to avoid elimination.

Picture of Jerry and his partner Anna from ABC, off the Merc News