For those who haven't heard, BARRY HAS ARRIVED IN TRAINING CAMP! We repeat, BARRY HAS ARRIVED IN TRAINING CAMP! A day late, however, something that drew a raised eyebrow from some ("oh my God, Barry did something on his own again"). Like last year, Barry met the press to give his annual State of Barry Address, but this time didn't do it press-conference style, instead he just answered few informal questions from the dugout. Probably a smart move as last year's infamous press conference, the one where he spent most of the time berating the press, could only have been a worse P.R. move if he would have given the entire thing while Jose Canseco injected steroids in his ass. Nothing terribly exciting was said, but to sum up: will decide about retiring at the end of the season, wants to spend more time with his family, doesn't want to play for another team, and wants to retire as a Giant. Since we've long since learned not to believe anything the Barry has to say, we take his comments with a grain of salt and wouldn't be surprised to see him wearing a L.A. Angels of Anaheim in Orange County Right Off of the Imperial Highway uniform next season.

It appears that the will-he-or-won't-he-retire theme, which got off to a rousing start with last Sunday's statement and retraction stories, will be a recurring one throughout the season and one we'll all get sick of soon enough. Expect lots of conflicting statements from Barry, lots of speculative speculation from people who have no idea what they're talking about (like us), and lots of columnists wishing the saga would go away while still treating every Brett Favre Hamlet-like retirement posture (now in year five) as if the fate of the world somehow depended on it.

In other spring training Giants' news, that concerning the Barry-ettes, Jason Schmidt appears to have discovered his mojo, the Matt Cain bandwagon is growing, Pedro Feliz is happy to be playing his original position again, and Armando Benitez looks good.