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Man: "It's cold."
Woman: "It's so cold I'm going to freeze my tiny nipples off."
--From Eve/ In front of the Women's Building (heh)

Man (earnestly, to woman): "I need you to take a chance on me. I need you to want to know me. Let's get out of here, go back to my place, and talk."
Woman: "Okay, let me go to the restroom." (leaves)
Man (to friend): "Dude, I'm gonna go home and hit that ass."
--From Eve/Dalva

Little Girl: "It's still good!"
Mom: "I don't care what your friends say, dirty is dirty."
-- Albertson's

A little girl is eating from a bag of M&Ms. She drops one, and her mom picks it up to put it in a garbage can.