Something big was going on alright, the hometown University of San Francisco Dons men’s basketball team was playing host to the number eight team in the country, the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Unhyped coming into the season, USF has really failed to live up to even moderate expectations thus far this year. Meanwhile, Gonzaga has played a ferocious non-conference schedule that included a triple-overtime win against Michigan State in the semis of the Maui Classic, a game that has been scientifically determined to be a classic. During conference play, however, you can throw all that won-loss mumbo-jumbo out the window, which is exactly what the Dons tried to do on Monday night.

Inside the Hoosiers-style WarMo' Gym, which was packed to the rafters with 5,300 plus, a serious buzz crackled through the tightly stacked wooden bleachers and obstructed views. It's not everyday that a top-ten team comes to town, and equal parts students, alumni, locals, and sports fans turned out to see the show.

The Adam Morrison show that is.

Morrison, the West Coast Conference Player of the Week, lit up the Dons for 41 points in what can only be described as a scoring clinic. Pull-up threes from the top of the key, nothing but net. Pump-fake moves along the baseline for seven-foot left-handed floaters, nothing but net. Free throws, nothing but net. He's not quick, he's not a leaper, he's not very physical, but he is a scorer.