So, this week we're going to operate on the principle of giving people what they want. And what do they want? Skeletons from Arnie's prodigious closet. Like this video of him in a 1980 Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition, all to the strains of that classic '70's song "You're the Best."

Or for those already hitting the New Year's resolution wall and have already lost that hitting the gym spark, let the Governor help you with a copy of his 1984 CD, "Total Body Workout." Who couldn't get that full body workout to such hits as "867-5309" or Eddie Money's "Think I'm in Love." And using "Don't Stop Believing" as workout music is such genius that it's beyond genius, it's Oprah-ific. We will, however, avoid making comments about his choice of "It's Raining Men." And for those wanting to skip the whole process of buying the CD only to download them onto your iPod, you can download the mp3s here. Who wouldn't want to have our Governor talk you through their exercise routine?