In a collaboration with (appropriately) Slave Labor Graphics, Disney has started releasing a series of comics inspired by the Haunted Mansion attraction, and the result is, what a relief, none too shabby. Each issue features a handful of engaging short stories by a well-selected crew of authors and artists, each interpreting the HM universe in their own special way. Our favorite stories are by Roman Dirge, who perfectly tackles the silliness of the whole thing; other chapters focus on the mansion's serious Gothyness, or its regal background, or the spooky histories of its residents. There are a wide range of reasons to enjoy the Haunted Mansion ride, and SLG's comics wisely appeal to all aspects of that broad range. Of course, there are some who don't really get the ride at all. And to those people, we say, "good morning, Mr. Eisner."

After the jump: a macho bounty hunter, a macho demonslayer, and, we kid you not, Nancy Drew.