It turns out Corddry isn’t the only famous or semi-famous member of Naked Babies. Also part of the group is Brian Huskey, one of the Snarking Heads on VH-1's "Best Week Ever." Another guy, John Ross Bowie, is one of those guys who appears randomly enough in TV shows and commercials to look familiar, and the last member of the comedy quartet, Seth Morris, looked enough like Luke Perry circa "Oz" to bring a smile to our face.

The Babies were in a pretty tight groove, doing over an hour of improv and seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. In fact, other than starting off with an audience suggestion, they did the entire performance without any direction or guidance whatsoever. Sometimes there was the little lull you run into when you see improv as they got themselves in a rut and couldn't figure out where to go, but once they figured out a direction, they hopped right into it, building multiple character and even multiple scenes out of nothing. So a skit about recess turned into a skit about an exorcism and a mother right out of "Rosemary's Baby" and a surprise party turned into a double homicide (the person being surprised was so surprised he shot his friends), which turned into a visit the local neighborhood drug dealer.