There's some actual baseball news a-happenin' here in the Fog City, our favorite kind too-- Barry news. First up is news that Barry is going to star in his own reality show. The show, which will air on ESPN, will have twenty-five Giants fans living in Bonds' gym and competing for his affections in order to win the next historic baseball that Barry hits for a home run. Actually the show will follow him throughout the season and will air once a week. Last year ESPN assigned a reporter, Pedro Gomez, to follow Bonds throughout the season only to have him mainly twiddle his thumbs as Barry sat out with his various knee injuries. Guess ESPN didn't learn their lesson.

While we haven't quite hopped on the reality TV show band wagon like most people, we can see why it would make sense for Barry to do something like this. If reality TV shows can make a star out of some strumpet on "Laguna Beach," create an entire cottage industry of reality star entourages, and resurrect both Paula Abdul and Donald Trump's career, it could only help Barry's reputation. And, it goes without saying that if he smacks the ball around once more and at no point is a needle being shown going anywhere near his ass, it'll silence some of his critics.

The other big news is that the Barry quickly put the kibosh on Alou's thought bubble about batting him second. Of course, as Felipe is the boss, that doesn't necessarily mean Barry won't give in and...oh, who are we kidding, that means it's not going to happen. Good thing too. While some people think it's not necessarily such a bad idea, we think it is. Forget the inside baseball stuff and the Stathead stuff, we're looking at this like a fan. Batting him fourth means there's more drama around his bats as batters 1,2, and 3 are like the crescendo to his chorus of an at bat. Having him bat second means not enough build up, not as much drama. It would be like if last week's episode of "Lost" had the whole campfire social hour with the Others in the first twenty minutes, then have the remaining part of the episode be Jack's flashback and the Hurley & Charlie talk chicks bit. In other words, bo-ring.