On Wednesday, the War-terloos were worn down and overmatched by the Miami Humidity, losing at home 110-96. Last night, they sleepwalked through their game with the Phoenix Sunburn like it was a preseason scrimmage, losing at Phoenix 112-99 and dropping below .500 for the first time all season. At one point during the Suns game, the War-bricks were 3-18 from the three-point line; they could muster no offensive energy or discipline at all in the second half. It was one of their more lackluster performances of the season.

And despite a good deal of clumsily generated buzz out of the War-wiggums front office about being in the market for Ron Artest or some other significant new piece of the puzzle (note to Chris Mullin, if the Artest deal doesn't work out, Steve Francis might be available), the recent mini-break came and went with nothing to show for it except Gwen Knapp's backhanded attempt at hometown support for garment-less player personnel emperor Mullin.

By the Truthmaker, contributing