Childless curmudgeons, gnash your teeth in anger over another way in which society prefers folks with kids over you! Gavin Newsom and the San Francisco Dept. of Children, Youth, and Families are sponsoring Family Appreciation Day this Sunday, January 8. Look at that fun-loving Transamerica Pyramid!

Various museums and other local attractions are flinging open the doors and child-proofing all their power outlets at places like the Asian Art Museum, SBC Park (which will be sponsoring free tours), Coit Tower (who's going to let you take the elevator for free), the zoo, the Exploratorium, and about a bazillion other places too. Those of you who live for free museum admission days (third Thursday? First Tuesday? Who can keep them all straight?), you may want to borrow your friends' kids for the afternoon -- and those of you who hate those ankle-biters, you might want to check the list too, to figure out where you won't be this weekend.

Kids must be between 0 and 18, and adult supervisors must bring proof of San Francisco residency. The rules also state that grown-ups must accompany children at all times. We now have a vision of wailing, abandoned toddlers in the front foyer of the Asian Art Museum as the adults dash off into the Chinese painting galleries!