Best Gadget of 2005
The iPod Nano. As pernicious as my gadget fetish is, I still get more than a little unnerved when people talk about consumer electronics using words like "sexy" and even worse, "lickable." It's creepy, it's wrong, and it's disturbingly appropriate when talking about the Nano. I can't rationalize actually buying one for myself, but I might have to. Just to be able to fondle one without the unwelcome stares of other people in the Apple store or the people who give me theirs "just to look at it for a second."
Runner Up: The Mac mini, as cool (and quiet) as the G4 cube, but actually practical.

Gadget Resolution for 2006
Rationalize getting a Motorola Q smart phone. Almost as small as the now-ubiquitous RAZR, but unlike the RAZR, actually practical, useful, and almost worth the exhorbitant cost.
Runner Up: Think Secret's rumored Mac mini media center, assuming such a device exists.

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Image of the Nintendo Revolution controller from Nintendo's Web Site