The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is warning residents in low lying areas that the expected rain for this and next weeks may lead to property damage and flooding.

The PUC has mobilized teams to go out and check on storm drains and catch basins to ensure none are blocked (report clogged or non-draining sewers at 415-28-CLEAN), and has prepared information on how to protect yourself in case of flooding.

Check it out: "For information on free sandbags to protect your property, call (415) 28-CLEAN or visit the Department of Public Works at 2323 Cesar Chavez Street at Kansas Street." Free sand bags? We know what we're getting everyone on our list for Christmas, now!

Joking aside, we're all too aware of the horrible damage flooding can cause, so please take steps to prepare yourself for the possibility of heavy rains and flooding.

Image of a "flood checklist" from the PUC site