As pointed out by American Football Spectacular's religious consultant Ms. No, Mormons aren't supposed to gamble. Further, according to the BBC's write-up on Mormon ethical practices, "Gambling in any form is condemned as a moral evil, and Mormons are admonished not to participate in it. It's not just because of the damage gambling can do; the Church believes that it is morally wrong to get money without having given fair value in exchange." And with BYU's Head Coach Bronco Mendenhall talking 'bout how at the 40,000-seat Sam Boyd Stadium "there will be a sea of blue," that's a lot of folks. In fact, Coach Mendenhall said he expects 22,000 BYU fans to show up. So, that'll be a goodly portion of temperance in a town that prides iss'self on happy sinning.

The comparison of two opposites meeting up doesn't stop there, should you tune in Thursday night, you'll see two opposites on the field.

By SFist Christopher Rogers, Contributing