Update: Day 439. Your Chronicle Watch Watch, where we mock the Chronicle's award-winning efforts to improve our neighborhoods one step at a time, is finally back!

Okay, this Sunday? You're on Day of a Chronicle Watch? That's like two and a half years! ChronWatch is all like, "we've been reporting on these two broken pedestrian bridges in a Martinez park since August 2003!" Should you really be bragging about that? "Hey, we're a completely ineffective gadfly for neighborhood improvements! No one takes our constant badgering seriously!" The ChronWatch column itself is only three years old! Plus -- the update is that it's going to take another three or four months before work even begins! We can't wait for "Update: 1001 Nights" on this one.

Other long-standing unaddressed ChronWatch concerns: in November, we hit day 894 of a dry fountain in Berkeley and day 685 of park upkeep in Potrero. No update on the status of those either.

This Sunday's ChronWatch also featured the following enigmatic entry: "463 Days -- Statutes of Juan Bautista de Anza and King Carlos to be relocated by January." What, we're finally declaring our independence from Spain now? Why is this an issue again? (okay, okay, we looked it up.)