First off, we have to give Ms. Shlain credit for wracking up the PR as the Herbst was almost sold out. She also managed to turn a fifteen minute movie into almost an hour-and-a-half of event-ness (plus more if you went to the after-party at the Rickshaw Bar). There was a film crew and a spotlight, local Jewish celebrities and a drag queen emcee. All this, again, for a fifteen minute film.

The movie is an exploration of Jewish identity using the Barbie doll as the conversation starter. Why Barbie? Turns out the maker, Ruth Handel, was Jewish. Who knew? Yep, the ultimate Shiksa Goddess is, in fact, a Heeb. In all honesty, we're pretty up on who’s a Jew and who’s not a Jew, but this we were clueless about. It’s not a surprise, though: a whole bunch of American icons were created by Jews. In fact, you could argue that 20th Century American culture, a culture that defines us to ourselves and to the world, was created by Jews. See Hollywood. Or Superman.