Come here, widdle Andrew, let Mommy bury you in her bosom! San Francisco's current best Freudian drama took another lurch into the Viennese land of cigars and trains steaming into tunnels, as the Chronicle reveals that Sunset doyenne and Tom DeLay wannabe Julie Lee told everyone she was going to start her fundraising/money laundering scheme because she just really wanted her little boy to become a San Francisco city supervisor, and the only way he could do that was by raising money for (now-former) Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, so he would endorse Andrew. Julie Lee was convinced Shelley would become the president. (Of the United States? The guy who yelled at people in a bathrobe and with a toothbrush in his hand?)

Oh, how mothers crush the dreams of their offspring! Andrew Lee just wants to grow up to be a rap star! Nonetheless, he dutifully ran for office, and came in fourth in his 2002 election, losing to hottie supervisor runner-up and the producer of his first album, Fiona Ma. Dude, it's like Andrew's Brandy when Kanye West went out on his own.

Then he tried to get on the PUC board to please his mother, but was stymied by the . Poor guy! What about his dreams? Stand up for yourself, Andrew! "Mom, you've just gotta let me LIVE MY LIFE! I gotta rap!"

Picture of Julie Lee (on left) with (anti-gay) Rose Tsai from Asianweek

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