ComBots are coming to Fort Mason next weekend, so you can all knock yourselves out watching robots with sawblades and blowtorches cutting each other up and setting each other on fire. We've already made our opinion clear on the topic of forcing robots to do battle against each other, but what the hell. The kids dig it, and it's easier than waiting for a Survival Research Labs show or the next Burning Man. Besides, who wouldn't want to see (quoting the promotional e-mail) "Biohazard, Sewer Snake, Megabyte, and other famous bots... spin hundred-pound weapons faster than Bruce Lee on meth"?

While you're waiting for that action to start, there's a few more preliminary battles going on in tech news, after the jump. Your Web browser bought you the whole seat, but !

Image from the Combots promotional e-mail

you'll only need the edge