-- from the song "Winners Never Quit" by Pedro The Lion

Friends, as we've said before, these are indeed dark time for American Football in the Bay Area. As both of our professional football clubs' fortunes plummet, ever closer we are to the dreaded Double Blackout. Down into pro football's depths fall we -- much like Bill and Ted fell that one time during Bill And Ted's Bogus Journey.

Just this past Sunday, Gary Radnich turned to the camera and said "Football is over in the Bay Area in mid-October." Ugh. Golly. That sound, somewhat like pots 'n pans falling from a badly stacked kitchen cabinet, is the sound of peeps falling off your Raiders' bandwagon. No one saw the Chargers take apart the Raiders in Oakland last week, as the typical TV blackouts roll in like Halloween advertisements. LaDainian Tomlinson caught a touchdown, ran for a touchdown, and threw a touchdown. Moss got hurt. How far down does the rabbit hole go? This week's game vs the resurgent Buffalo Bills will tell if there is to be any prayer of OAK turnaround.

SFist Christopher Rogers, contributing

"Count it a blessing that you're such a failure, your second chance might never have come."