We usually run the blotter crime roundup on Tuesdays and Fridays, but we're sorry to say that there's been enough breaking news in the area that we're running a special edition today.

Everyone's still in shock over Lashaun Harris, the schizophrenic mother who dropped her three children into the 50-degree waters of the San Francisco bay yesterday afternoon. Horrified witnesses reported seeing Harris strip the three boys naked and drop them one by one off the pier. As Harris wandered up and down the pier with her stroller, the police and fire departments (and Gavin Newsom) raced to the scene and began a frantic search. At 10:30 p.m., they located the body of 2 (or 3-, reports vary)-year-old Tavante Harris, which had drifted around the city to Fort Mason, but the bodies of 6-year-old Tayshaun and 1-year-old Joshua are still missing. Harris had apparently stopped taking her psychiatric medication, and told the authorities that voices in her head told her to drop the children into the water.

And in Lafayette, the Contra Costa police have arrested a suspect in the murder of attorney Daniel Horowitz's wife, Pamela Vitale. Police say that 16-year-old Scott Dyleski, for whose family Horowitz had provided pro bono legal services, had broken into the trailer in which Vitale was staying as part of his fundraising efforts for a pot-growing business. They believe Dyleski was surprised by Vitale, struck her 39 times with a piece of crown molding, and then carved a gothic symbol in her back. Dyleski, who had gotten his GED and was studying art at Diablo Valley College, is expected to be tried as an adult.

Picture of Harris's stroller on Pier 7 from KGO