The strike was organized -- magificently, we might add -- by But we can't thank only them; according to their whois info, they received support, and this is true, from, a Seattle-area group that provides "communication and computer resources to allies engaged in struggles against capitalism and other forms of oppression." And of course they also worked with, a Paris-area domain registrar, not to be confused with anyone having anything to do with Gandhi, the Delhi-area agitator. also got help from, a Los-Angeles-based "collective that provides technology services to the radical and progressive communities." Particularly helpful was their contact person at, whose email username is "anarchistaction." Such nice kids! Is it any wonder that their cause immediately elicited the sympathies of an entire city?

As we were describing the nature of the fare strike to a friend, he looked confused. "So ... uh ... what, exactly, are they doing for us?" he asked. Well, it's obvious! ...Isn't it?