This week we take you from Orinda to Fort Mason to the Artaud Building for Shakespeare, an Irish story and a reimagined Greek myth.

at Bruns Amphitheater
It's your last chance to catch a California Shakespeare Theater production this season. Not only that, it's your last chance to catch a Shakespeare play at Cal Shakes this season. After a triumphant though butt-numbing go with The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, parts 1 and 2, the company turns back to the Bard with The Tempest, a poetic tale of storms, spirits and forgiveness. Local theater geeks will look forward to Anthony Fusco, who memorably appeared on the Geary stage last season in The Gamester wearing yellow feathers, as the lead Prospero. We're also looking forward to the return of Lillian Groag, a regular guest director, who is reunited with New York actors Triney and Mhari Sandoval, who play Caliban and Ariel.
Playing September 28 to October 23.

The Tempest