If you read the Chron the way we do (i.e., looking for airline deals in the national section, scanning the Bay Area section in hopes of pictures of an angry Daly, only opening the Business section to read Dilbert, and then idly wondering if maybe you should get into Sudoku), you may have glancingly noticed some articles about Treasure Island administrator Tony Hall in your cruise through the local news. (The SF Sentinel also weighs in here.) What's going on over there? Certainly you're not going to actually those articles, are you?

Well, your source of oversimplified explanations of the news -- SFist Book Reports -- comes to your rescue! So here's what's up. City Controller Ed Harrington says that Tony Hall has put $173,000 of public funds in a private bank account. And the private bank account is earning less interest than other public city investments. Harrington is calling for an audit. Hall says all that money was properly reported to the city, and that he's being targeted by enemies, like "the junior staff of the mayor's office."

That's it? That's it. You may now return to skimming the paper with a clear conscience!