We know, we know: It's Barry Bonds Week in Bay Area baseball. That's very exciting, but there's also a pennant race going on just across the bay from 24 Willie Mays Plaza. After Monday night's 2-0 victory in Cleveland, the A's are a game behind Los Los Angeles Angeles de Anaheim Anaheim in the AL West and 1 1/2 games behind Cleveland in the AL Wild Card race. There are only so many ways to write that it's all going to come down to 4 games against Los Los Angeles Angeles at the Coliseum at the end of September, though, and to exhort our readers to get over there and get behind the green and gold, so we'll be back with that message in a week or so. Today, we've got bigger problems. Bigger problems, even, than Harden's oblique or Crosby's ankle. Media problems.

For the last couple years, A's games have been broadcast on 610 AM, which until this season, was the AM affiliate of 99.7 FM, KFRC--the oldies station. That was cool. Now, though, 610 AM is KEAR, Family Radio: A Worldwide Christian Ministry. In practical terms, that means A's fans all over the Bay Area who have listened to the ballgame in the car on Tuesday night now get up Wednesday morning, turn the ignition, and hear, instead of "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You" or "Twist and Shout," scripture, gospel, fire and brimstone.

Image is from www.catholicsports.com. Really.