Approval levels in the 36 percent range -- are we talking about Bush or the California governor? What's the SchwarzenWatcher got cooking today?

The governor's veto-happy! It's not just gay marriage, either -- he also just vetoed the bill that was going to double fines for traffic violators on 19th Avenue. Activists with relatives killed on 19th Avenue are furious, especially since Mr. Governor gave no reason for the veto except saying that we needed more traffic safety awareness in general. Personally, we're also impressed with the Examiner's headline on this article: "GOVERNOR STEPS IN FRONT OF HIGHER 19TH AVE. FINES."

Now, we've been saying for some time, what kind of guy decides he's going to pick a fight with teachers, nurses, and firefighters in the first place? (you know, "People like me.") Aren't these the most beloved people in the world? Why not just take a stance against puppies too while you're at it? Well, ask and ye shall receive -- Schwarzenegger has announced that he will be vetoing a bill aimed at stopping the sale of puppies that are too young to leave their mothers by the puppy mill industry. (Because nothing helps the CA economy like selling puppies whose eyes haven't opened yet!) We are so excited for protests featuring adorable of-age puppies with signs around their neck that say "ARF! for Angelides!"

Grrrrrr, you say! What can be done? Well -- as SFist MattyMatt says, there's a protest tonight about gay marriage at the state building at 455 Golden Gate (between Larkin and Polk) from 4:30-7. If you're more of a uniony type, Alliance For a Better California is organizing a precinct walk about the special election on Saturday. Meet at 9:30 a.m. at the African-American Art and Cultural Complex at 762 Fulton Street.

Picture from the OC Register

SFist Rita's watching the Schwarzen for the next two weeks as SFist Jon takes a well-deserved vacation!