Have we ever mentioned how much we love the Primitive Screwheads? Our infatuation began when we attended their final performance of , and we've been slavering to see what they'd do next. They'd mentioned something about a Re-Animator: Live, but, dude, we're part of the OnDemand generation and we want something NOW!

They gave in to our demands and have brought us the Crazy Go Nuts Show. At 8 and 11 tonight and tomorrow, you should come see this "Musical Variety Show that incorporates Sketch Comedy, Improv Comedy and Stand-Up Comedy into one unique Performance. In addition to this, there will be special tributes to old-fashion vaudeville routines, a Rock Band, and a grand,over the top opening Musical Dance Number that harkens back to the days of Busby Berkley and The Muppet Show. " And that doesn't even mention the "Friday the 13th Part 4 in 10 minutes" bit we've been hearing about. All this happens at the Off-Market Theater at 965 Mission. We're going tonight and you should, too.

Evil Dead: Live