Snark aside, Steve has kindly submitted himself to the SFist interview process. Despite the fact that we’re thrilled that Steve was kind enough to answer some real questions, we promise that his interview will in no way affect next week’s "We Read the Weeklies" deathmatch. The San Francisco Bay Guardian will not necessarily emerge victorious yet again. Maintaining such journalistic impartiality is going to be hard, given how interesting Steve seems. In many ways Steve seems to epitomize Bay Area journalism; he hangs out at Zeitgeist, he goes to Burning Man, and he wasted no time getting arrested during the anti-war riots.

Best story EVER in the Guardian?
As far as impact, it was probably AC Thompson's "The Hardest Time" which was about how the San Francisco Police Department framed two innocent guys from Bayview -- JJ Tennison and Antoine Goff -- for murder and sent them to prison for 13 years. Last year, as a direct result of our story back in 2001, a judge set them free and cleared their names. Since then, we've done stories calling for them to be compensated and highlighting how the two cops that did it -- including former police chief Earl Sanders -- have gone unpunished. It's journalism at its best that achieved results beyond what most journalists will ever experience. AC is a helluva writer and I'm happy to be working with him.