We headed over to Bimbo's last night with some degree of trepidation, since our favorite rock critic in the whole world, Kelefa Sanneh, had just described headliners the Go! Team as "a British indie-pop version of the Black Eyes Peas," and not in the good way. (Vote for Kelefa (and Will Shortz) in the Gawker NY Times hotties poll!)

So okay, we were a little skeptical when the lights went down and the stage lights were set on "swively" and the fun "the band is coming on stage!!!!" music started up, and this teensy woman with a huge voice and hardcore British accent starts scream/rapping over the horn section and harmonica and bass and two drum sets. It also did not help our mood that there was a couple, the man-half of which had that distinctive indie-rocker b.o., making out with the thrashing arm and leg motions that only new couples with an exhibitionist streak like to do.

But... it is a testament to the power of the Go! Team's that we shook off our befuddlement and decided we were having a funky-fresh good ol' time! They were totally like a cartoon band, like Josie and the Pussycats, or Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi --like, we had this feeling that on the way to the gig, the Go! Team had just saved the universe from space creatures or stopped a series of bank heists or something, and that any second later, we would fade to black and the Hanna Barbera logo would do its trademark swoopy synthesizer rotation.

relentless positivity!!!!!